Standing Firm Workshop

If your world is shaking right now,

and you need support in standing firm

          …join me Saturday July 11 @ 11am PDT for this webinar.

If you are feeling stuck, in overwhelm, don’t think you can make it through another day?

I know exactly how you feel!

I am here to tell you that you can go from, “I can’t make it through this.” to “This is the best thing that ever happened to me!”

And I am going to show you how.

In 2010, due to a serious accident, my life turned upside down.

Over the next eight years, I had four major surgeries, two hip replacements, permanent spinal cage, multiple rounds of steroids, painkillers, physical therapy, endless doctor appointments and a long battle with the legal system.

There were times I thought pain, debt, and disability would take me down.

My dream during this time was to have a life even better than before the accident.

I was a DreamBuilder before I knew what that was! 

As a result, my pronounced limp, my walker and 70 excess pounds have been left behind and I’m able to regularly walk on the beach and perform yoga several times a week.

Today, I am a certified DreamBuilder Life Coach and a Life Mastery Consultant, where I have studied personal transformation with world-renowned transformation leaders.

This Saturday July 11 @ 11 am PDT I will be hosting a free webinar where I will show you the secrets that I have learned that have brought me to the breakthrough that I am experiencing now.

Spend an hour with me and you will understand:

👉 how to rise above your circumstances and access your deep inner strength.

👉 Three secrets to transforming any challenge (even the painful ones) into a “Best thing that ever happened.” leap forward.

👉 How to build spiritual muscle so that you can overcome even the toughest challenges.

👉 The trick to “harvesting the good” from life’s darkest moments, (when you master this one, nothing can take you down and everything will take you forward.)

You will leave with knowledge and tools that will help you weather the storms in your life and emerge a stronger, better person than before.

Standing Firm ~ Caroline.