Standing Firm, While Your World is Shaking!

Learn about the "Dark Night"
What is it?
Why do we need it?
How can we turn it into a growth experience

Standing Firm Workshop





Saturday, July 11th

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT

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For over 30 years, Caroline Bengtson has developed multi-national businesses and organizations in more than seven industries. She has organized, hosted and sponsored numerous conferences.

All her working life, Caroline helped individuals realize their dreams and create successful lives. Her heart-centered principles show people how to build lives they would love living. Using the same principles, she has recovered from devastating physical, professional and personal losses. Her mentors and influencers include T. Harv Ecker, Tony Robbins, Louis Howes, Marie Forleo, Lisa A Clayton, the Compassion Cultivation Institute and Mary Morrissey. Her inspiring vision workshops introduce 3 of the 10 steps to DreamBuilding, while her transformational in-depth coaching guides clients to new levels of abundance in all aspects of life.

Caroline provides 10-minute talks, free ‘Lunch & Learn’ trainings, motivating “meet your needs” tailored workshops, and keynote presentations. Whether it’s a brief talk, a formal speech or an afternoon workshop, audiences leave motivated and renewed. Your group, organization or company – and you, yourself – will be ignited by her presentation, and will say “THANK YOU” for bringing Caroline to them.

Caroline’s heart-centered work assists people to build lives they would love living, using a proven, repeatable system.

  • How would you like to discover your true dream or purpose?
  • What if you could eliminate fear, doubt, and worry and move toward your goals with confidence?
  • Do you want to increase prosperity and stay in complete harmony with your core values?

If these questions resonate with you, then you are going to love this seminar!

 3 Keys To Accelerating Your Results 

During this dynamic and fun training you will have an opportunity to define, design, and experience your dream – and receive the blueprint for how to turn your greatest possibility into your reality.

You will learn…

  • What is the “Dark Night”?
  • Why do we need this experience?
  • How can we use the Dark Night to build a stronger life?

And much more!

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